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like increases engagement

Increase Engagement

Offer limited time promos and rewards to bring customers to your app

grow sales

Grow Sales

Consumers that buy
through a mobile app
spend 4x more

expand your market

Expand Market Reach

Introduce omni-channel
sales to reach more

mobile sms

Push Notifications

Keep your inventory and sales top-of-mind with new product updates

Ever since we got our mobile app our sales have increased by 300%. We love all of the help we get from the CommentSold team. We really feel as if we are one big family looking to grow together.

Carolyn Williamson


Ruff Digs

#GrowMobile with #CommentSold

Build a strong brand for your business by cultivating your loyal shoppers within your mobile app. 

The social media landscape is one that is ever-changing, causing threats to businesses that regularly utilize it. There is a solution, however.  Moving to a mobile app provides your business more control, expands your marketing efforts, and improves customer loyalty. 

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